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The Bearden family in Llano, TX

I met Cara on her wedding day and now, here we are, fifty kids later. I exaggerate.

Every year, I take pictures of the Bearden family. This year, they invited me out to a family ranch and we woke up bright and early to try and beat the sun. Well, the sun was out in full force anyways but I feel like it was kind of on our side.

There's something pretty darn special about being by someone's side as their family changes and grows. I got to take a picture of Cara walking down the aisle, took pictures of her and Matt with Posey when she was born, and now to taking pictures of the family of four. I'm lucky to be able to document these years going by but I'm also lucky that this family feels like my own.

Matt, Cara, Posey, and Whitt are my people.

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