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Sami & Tyson's Engagements on the east side of Austin, TX

Sami & Tyson met me in front of Franklin BBQ to start their engagement session. The couple wanted their pictures to be around east austin, their old and beloved neighborhood. Fun fact: Tyson used to run a twitter called FranklinBBQline that he ran from their apartment across the street. Fun fact number 2: I've never tried Franklin BBQ.

So, we started there and then moved to Quickie Pickie where kind strangers moved out of the way so we could get shots in front of their amazing wood mural. Their pup, Zoe, joined us for a quick walk and then we finished the session with an ivy wall that Sami found online and hunted down. That's dedication. It was a whirlwind of places and by the end, I was more energized than when we had started.

Sami & Tyson have been together for 7 years and it shows, in the best way possible. They have gooey eyes for each other all while supporting each others' dreams and building a life.

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