Leah Muse Photography

Rebecca & Matt's beautiful downtown wedding at Archeo in Toronto, Canada

I cried at their wedding and I'm tearing up now, remembering and getting this all together.

Matt & Rebecca are so special to me. Matt is my cousin and we grew close a few years ago on a family vacation where we had hours of "cousin talk" and played more ping pong than you could fathom. It was on that trip that Matt told me about Rebecca, how they had just started dating, and how he was excited about it. Over the next four years, I became even closer with Matt and so thankfully, Rebecca as well.

Matt and Rebecca are so quietly the best people that you could know. They aren't show offs about it- they just are. They support each other in realistic ways, push each other to be better just by loving each other, and also have told me that I'm not allowed to call them "soul mates". But, they are. Two years ago on a trip to visit family in Toronto, they took me out on the town and wine and dined me, real good. At the end of the night, I remember laying across Rebecca and quizing them on how they would raise children together. Mind you, they were not even engaged at the time. Mind you, they loved me anyways.

When they became engaged, they asked me to photograph their wedding and for my daughter to be the flower girl. I spent the two days before the wedding answering all last minute planning questions and becoming more and more excited for their big day. On their day of, Harper and I got ready for the wedding with Rebecca. The moments of the two of them tying the the wedding rings around Harper's beloved stuffed fox, Swifty, are when my tears started coming.

The whole day, being surrounded by the people that love them best, they were non-stop smiling. Their wedding was filled with tears, so many tears, beautiful speeches where they definitely weren't called soul mates, the best dancing, & the best couple and newlyweds.

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