Personal: Harper starts 2nd grade

I've known my best friend and watched her grow now for 7 years and 3 months. Harper started second grade on Monday and just like every school year or birthday before, I am left wondering how the heck it's all happened. I remember 2nd grade. I remember the friends that I had (vaguely), my teacher, an embarrassing moment or two, I remember. So now that my child is going in to a year that I can conjure up in my memories, I'm even more blown away.

I like to try to capture big moments of Harper's life as best I can. Harp doesn't love the camera, but doesn't shy away from it either. We made a compromise- she would let me take some pictures of her if they were in her room and she could direct them at the end. I, of course, agreed.

My girl is weird, in the best way. She has a huge sense of humor, plays everything up, and loves making people laugh. She's sensitive, so sensitive. We cry together at movies and hold hands, she wipes the tears away from my cheeks. She takes care of people and calls herself a tomboy. She's everything.

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