leah muse photography

Kristen at home in Austin, Texas

I've been taking pictures for 11 years now. That sentence is shocking to me.

And with anything that you are involved with for a long time, anything that you're passionate about, it has it's ups and downs. Sometimes, all I want is to take a beautiful portrait of my daughter and other times, I never pick up my camera unless it's for something that's been on my calendar for months, something for someone else. And when that happens, and I'm only shooting for others, I get used to it.

One of my main goals with photography is to never get bored, to never stop being excited, to never stop trying to push myself. And honestly, sometimes that's challenging. Sometimes it's easy to just do what I know I'm good at and be content with the workflow that my business creates for me.

That's when it's time to check myself and pick up my camera and find the light, for me. So I asked Kristen if she would let me come to her house and photograph her, no goal in mind, just to take pictures that were good for me. And honestly, it rebooted me just that much more.

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