Leah Muse Photography

Alfonso & Jettie's summer proposal at Blue Hole Park in Wimberley, TX

Alfonso contacted me to see if I was available to take pictures of his proposal to his girlfriend, Jettie. My first thought was, "Yes!" and then my second thought was, "Yes, please!"

Alfonso planned for weeks and the plan was finally in place- I was to wait at Blue Hole Regional Park off of a path where Alfonso would lead Jettie early in the morning, before they began their day swimming with friends. I arrived to find their sweet friends running like crazy to get the picnic set up for where it was to all happen- a reminder of one of their first dates.

As soon as I saw Alfonso lead Jettie off the path and towards the blanket, it was go time! I know that I was so anxious from my spot, so excited, so full of butterflies for their moment so I can't even begin to imagine how they felt. It all happened so quickly. Alfonso asked, Jettie said yes, they kissed, I cried.

I was so happy to be able to catch this awesome moment for them. And my favorite bit came shortly afterwards, when they walked to join their friends in line to get in to swim. One of them yelled from a distance a cheer, shouted that they were engaged, then the entire line of 100+ people all started shouting their congratulations. I'm pretty sure I cried again.

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