Oh, hello there!

My name is Leah and I'm a photographer in Austin, Texas. I'm a lot of things, but that seems like the most important thing to discuss first. I've been taking pictures of people, places, and things for over 13 years and have focused on wedding photography through it all.

Why weddings? My favorite thing to hear about after a couple has their photos back is how they couldn't believe that I managed to capture *insert moment here* and how happy they are to now have that memory. Weddings come and go so quickly and I am beyond honored and excited to be able to document them so that they live on.

Also I love the happy tears, the circles of dancing, the romantic vows, and making people snuggle while I take pictures. My focus is on taking photographs of things as they happen, the more candid the better. I love natural light, bright colors, and all emotion. My goal is for you to be as excited about your photography as I am.

Other things about me that are not wedding related:

I have a son named Harper and he's the best, point blank. I have a wife named Karen and she's also the best. I love dancing, cooking and then eating that cooking, riding bicycles in other cities, playing pool and skeeball, posing endless "would you rather" questions, making friends play Monopoly with me, reading, and watching every Bravo reality show. No judgement.

Honestly, I believe in enthusiasm and love. I don't believe in guilty pleasures or not being known. I'm excited at the chance to get to know you.